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Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

The holiday season is just around the corner and many pet parents want to include the family pet in their holiday celebrations. As you get ready for all the festivities, it’s important to keep your pet’s exercise and ...

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Tips for Raising Chickens in Winter

Raising chickens in winter can be a lot of fun. Some hens love wandering around the yard and their first snow sighting can be quite entertaining. A bird’s thick feathers are a natural protective coat. As a result, most ...

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Good Winter Vegetables for Georgia

Good Winter Vegetables for Georgia: You don't have to be a gardening expert to grow winter vegetables in Georgia . In fact, winter gardening may be much easier than spring planting or summer harvest. There are certainly less weeds to pull ...

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

Keep in mind these Thanksgiving safety tips for pets during the holidays. Let’s make sure it’s not a dangerous time for your furry friend! Enjoy time with your family and avoid a visit to your veterinarian by following ...

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