2023–2024 Georgia Hunting Season

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2023–2024 Georgia Hunting Season Dates: 


DeerArchery, Either Sex Statewide* Sept. 9–Oct. 13*

Extended Archery
Either Sex (ONLY for Baker, Barrow,
Bibb, Chatham, Cherokee, Clarke,
Clayton, Cobb, Columbia, Decatur,
DeKalb, Douglas, Early, Fayette,
Forsyth, Fulton, Grady, Gwinnett, Hall,
Henry, Miller, Mitchell, Muscogee,
Paulding, Richmond, Rockdale,
Seminole, and Thomas Counties)
Sept. 9–Jan. 31

Primitive Weapons & Youth-Only
Firearms, Either Sex Statewide Oct. 14–Oct. 20

Firearms, Buck Only Statewide
(Either Sex dates vary by county) Oct. 21–Jan. 14

Extended Firearms
Baker, Decatur, Early, Grady,
Miller, Mitchell, Thomas, and
Seminole Counties
Oct. 21–Jan. 15
12 per season, statewide. No more than 10 may be
antlerless and no more than 2 may be antlered. One of
the 2 antlered deer must have at least 4 points, one inch
or longer, on one side of the antlers or at least a 15-inch
outside spread.
Firearms deer hunting is not allowed in Clayton, Cobb,
DeKalb, Fulton (north of GA Highway 92), and that
portion of Glynn County lying within Jekyll Island. In
the portion of Forsyth County south of GA Highway 20,
only shotguns and muzzleloaders may be used (no other
firearms allowed).
*Buck only for the first two weeks (Sept. 9-24) in Baker,
Decatur, Early, Grady, Miller, Mitchell, Thomas, and
Seminole Counties.
BearNorthern Zone
Archery: Sept. 9–Oct. 13
Primitive Weapons: Oct. 14–Oct. 20*
Firearms: Oct. 21–Jan. 14

Central Zone Firearms: Dec. 16**

Southern Zone Firearms: Sept. 21–23, Sept. 28–30,
Oct. 5–7, Oct. 12–14

2 per season; provided, however, that no more than 1 may
be taken from the central or southern bear zones.
*During the northern zone primitive weapons season, only
youth may use any firearm legal for deer.
**A second day may be offered in the Central Bear Zone;
check our website for details after December 16, 2023
TurkeyStatewide: Private Land: Mar. 30–May 15, 2024; Public Land: April 6–May 15, 2024

Special Opportunity Youth/
Mobility Impaired Mar. 23–24, 2024
2 gobblers per season. Daily bag of 1.

Only for youth 16 years of age or younger and mobility
impaired persons. This season does not apply to public
lands unless otherwise specified.
AlligatorZone & Quota Limited Aug. 18 (sunset)–Oct. 2 (sunrise)1 per quota permit.
CrowsStatewide Nov. 4–Feb. 29No limit.
DoveStatewide Sept. 2–Oct. 8, Nov. 18–26,
Dec. 19–Jan. 31
15 per day, 45 in possession.
Fox & BobcatDec. 1–Feb. 29No limit.
GrouseStatewide Oct. 15–Feb. 293 per day.
Sora & RailsStatewide Oct. 8–28, Nov. 8–Dec. 26King & Clapper: 15 per day, 45 in possession.
Sora & Virginia: 25 per day, 75 in possession.
Opossum &
Private Land: no closed season
No limit.
Public Land: Aug. 15–Feb. 29
No limit.
QuailStatewide Nov. 18–Feb. 2912 per day
RabbitStatewide Nov. 18–Feb. 2912 per day
SnipeStatewide Nov. 15–Feb. 288 per day, 24 in possession.
SquirrelStatewide Aug. 15–Feb. 2912 per day.
WoodcockStatewide Dec. 9–Jan. 223 per day, 9 in possession.
Squirrel: Aug. 15–Mar. 15
Rabbit, Quail: Oct. 1–Mar. 15
Grouse: Oct. 1–Mar. 15
Squirrel: 12 per day.
Rabbit & Quail: 12 per day.
Grouse: 3 per day.