Almo Nature Legend Cat Foods Made with Real Ingredients

Almo Nature Legend Cat Foods Made with Real Ingredients

North Fulton Feed & Seed now carries the Almo Nature Legend brand of high-quality wet cat foods, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the enthusiastic reaction from our customers.

The philosophy behind Almo Nature Legend is simple: Create a high-quality cat food using freshly prepared, all-natural ingredients, such as real tuna, real chicken and real salmon, with no additives, colorings and thickeners. What results is a pure food that cats just love providing them with all the nutrition they need as they would in nature. Naturally rich in taurine, vitamins and mineral, there is simply no need for artificial enhancement.

Feeding Advice to Cat Owners

Almo Nature’s nutritional advice to cat owners is twofold:

1. Alternate feeding protein sources, such as Almo Nature Legend Tuna with Almo Nature Legend Chicken, to ensure a balanced and varied diet for your cat. Different protein sources will offer different benefits and nutrition; therefore by varying the offering to your cat, you will be giving them the best possible combination.

2. Alternate both dry and wet food to provide a complete diet.

Just high quality ingredients and recipes that are made for your cat’s health and well-being. This is why Almo Nature Legend is unique.


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