Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention: Pest season is on the horizon. Are you prepared to prevent them from invading your pet, lawn, and your home? Youflea and tick may not even see them, but they could be hiding inside and outside. Fleas and ticks like to hide on pets. In addition, other animals, plants where other infested animals visit, and even in your carpet, sofa and floors inside your home.

Don’t panic! You can prevent your furry friends from those pesky pests by maintaining a pest-control regimen. Above all,  it is important to treat your pet with a preventative treatment plan. Even if your pet doesn’t seem to have fleas or ticks!

In conclusion, ask your vet about a flea control regimen, and stop by North Fulton Feed & Seed to pick up Frontline products, Martin’s Flea, Tick and Managed Dip, plus other flea and tick supplies!

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