Increased Prices

Increased Prices: First of all, thank you for being a loyal and consistent customer to Cherokee Feed & Seed and North Fulton Feed stores over the years. Above all, your satisfaction is very important to us. We hope we have been successful in providing you with excellent customer service and quality products for your pets and livestock.

As you are aware, the U.S. is experiencing a strong inflationary cycle. The economic impacts are broad and affect most industries, including agriculture. Disruptive global and domestic supply chain issues persist, driving up the cost of raw materials and finished goods alike. Labor shortages are substantial, and the U.S. transportation industry faces a record driver shortage.

How does this impact you? Today’s climate means that our vendors are experiencing sharp increases in freight, labor, and packaging costs, resulting in increased prices.

In conclusion, our commitment is to try and minimize these price increases where we can while maintaining the quality products you and your animals have come to expect.


Cherokee Feed & Seed/North Fulton Feed