Lucky BuckLucky Buck Mineral began in 1997 as a deer attractant that would also improve the health of the deer.

We didn’t realize the impact the mineral would have on antler size until later. We just knew the deer would be healthier. We knew this because of our nutrition work with dairy farmers and knowing which minerals are important to cattle.

Mar-Vo Mineral Co., the parent company of Lucky Buck Mineral and other Lucky Brand products, began formulating and producing livestock mineral in 1918. Dave Wheeler bought the company in 1996 after working in feed and nutrition industry for almost ten years. He saw the implications of minerals on the cattle and knew the deer could benefit from some of these ingredients.

Most of the deer industry had and continue to make a critical error in their formulations; they don’t control intake. This is the most important part of formulating a diet for any species of animal. Using the same methods of controlling intake as we were using on pasture cattle, we were able to make a much more aggressive formulation of the most critical nutrients in Lucky Buck.

Today Lucky Buck Mineral is sold nationwide through thousands of retail stores and has experienced double digit growth every year. With this growth and five additional products added to the lineup, we outgrew our facility.

Source: Lucky Buck