Redmond HuntRedmond Hunt is dedicated to helping hunters attract and grow bigger bucks with high quality natural products.

In 2018, Trophy Rock® became a part of Redmond Hunt. We’re still the same company and people you’ve known for 15+ years. We just changed our look and moved Trophy Rock® and FOUR65® under the Redmond Hunt umbrella.

These products will be one of many Redmond Hunt products that will expand your ability to manage your land, provide quality deer management, and keep animals coming back. We’re as dedicated as ever to quality, all-natural products you’ve come to rely on and will be bringing you even more options as we grow.

We are hunters. Dedicated to managing and attracting deer with quality and dependable products. We help hunters attract and grow Bigger Bucks… Naturally. Welcome to the tribe.

We are hunters, determined to pass on the stories and traditions of those who came before us.

Hunting is conservation. We respect and nurture the land so it can give back all we need to sustain life for ourselves and our future generations.

Hunting is a chance to get outside and connect with nature. It’s about time spent around a campfire, telling stories and building relationships.

We produce products we believe in. Products we can stand behind. We believe in quality of product and ingredients, and finding quality in life by the choices we make everyday.

Source: Redmond Hunt