Purina Flex Lamb TXT B30

Purina Honor Show LambHonor® Show Chow® Flex Lamb TXT B30 is a highly-palatable, textured feed designed as a Starter/Grower/Finisher for show lambs, replacement ewe lambs, rams and the entire breeding herd.

Honor® Show Chow® Flex Lamb TXT B30 feed is supported by Purina knowledge, experience, and research.  Get your animals on Flex Lamb TXT B30 today, so they can reach their full potential.



Amaferm® A natural feed additive resulting from a proprietary multi-step fermentation process of a proprietary strain of Aspergillus oryzae.
Added Ammonium Chloride Helps to reduce incidence of urinary calculi (water belly)
High fiber Helps provide greater fill producing fuller appearing lambs
High-quality protein sources Highly-digestible, essential amino acids
Medicated with Bovatec® (Lasalocid Sodium) For the prevention of coccidiosis - helps support normal immune system
Optimum balance of protein and energy Helps support desired growth rate and muscle development Helps promote early intake and helps lambs bloom
Textured Cracked corn, oats, cottonseed hulls, premix pellet and molasses



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