Tips for Weaning Calves

Tips for Weaning CalvesWho needs some tips for weaning calves? We can help! Sudden change in the environment can be stressful and can present a few challenges to the process. The most important factor is to get them eating. When they’re hungry, they tend to bellow and bawl for their mothers. Bawling for extended periods can irritate a calf’s throat and potentially lead to respiratory challenges. But, if you can get calves eating quickly, they’re more likely to overcome stress and sickness. Here are some tips from Purina below to assist.

Lick Tubs:

Cattle lick tubs can be used as a free-choice supplement located in their pens. This source of food provides various help benefits as well as an introduction to eating again. The licking action generates their saliva to ease throat irritation from bawling. Also, it prompts the calves to start looking for food and water.

Palatable Calf Starter:

When calves start their search for feed, make sure you have some available. Once they learn the routine they will come back and begin eating regularly. A worst-case scenario is when a calf comes to the bunk for the first time and finds an unpalatable feed. It’s hard to get the calf back to the bunk after an initial bad experience. A top quality calf starter feed is Accuration Starter. We have it at the store, come on by to pick some up.

Supporting their Immune System:

It’s very important to support their immune system during this time of high stress and change. It addresses respiratory challenges head-on. A great suggestion in Purina’s starter line includes RX3 Immune Support Technology.

Find the Right Form:

The physical feed form can influence consumption. Bigger pellets tend to work best for calf starter feeds because they are softer. Bigger pellets also allow calves to get more with every mouthful, which is essential for less aggressive calves standing at the bunk.

Prioritize Quality:

A quality, palatable starter feed will get calves eating quickly during the first 10 to 14 days post-weaning and help them stay healthy. Keeping the end goal in mind is crucial.

Cherokee Feed & Seed has you covered during this process! To read more details on tips for weaning calves, check out the entire article on Purina’s website.