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Cold Weather Tips for Pet Owners

Below Normal Temperatures The freezing weather creates some unique problems for pet owners, especially in Georgia where we are not used to such cold temperatures. We may not be aware of the special needs of our pets since our winters ...

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pets

Tips for enhancing animals' lives and our own. That's right, pets can have New Year's Resolutions too. With the New Year here, it’s time to take stock and make improvements in our lives and our pets lives.  Here are ...

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Tips For A Dog Safe Christmas Tree

Dogs can be incredibly curious about anything new in their environment, and this includes your holiday tree. The challenge is to anticipate your dog's need to investigate before he gets into trouble.  Nothing can ruin the holidays quicker than a ...

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Traveling with Your Pet This Holiday Season

Take care to buckle up your pets when in the car. Follow these tips while traveling with your pet this holiday season. Traveling with a pet usually involves more than putting the animal in a car and driving off, especially ...

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Earthborn Holistic Dog Food Sale – October 2016

Good till October 31st. North Fulton Feed & Seed is proud to offer very special pricing on Earthborn Holistic dog foods during the entire month of October. Get $6 OFF/bag on any Earthborn Holistic dog food formula! No coupon required.

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SPORTMix Dog Food Specials

Specials on SPORTMix Brand Dog Food Now is the time to stock up on SPORTMix dog food at reduced prices. SPORTMix Maintenance Adult Dog Food – $19.99 SPORTMiX Maintenance Adult dog food is formulated with high-quality ingredients to provide a lower level ...

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Wholesome, Yummy Dog Treats to Reward Your Four-Legged Pal

Indigo™ Fresh Floss Bones to clean your dog’s teeth and gum line without a toothbrush!  Indigo Fresh Dental Sticks to help clean teeth, scrape away plaque & tartar and freshen breath with a minty aroma. Indigo Smokehouse Strips-Chicken or ...

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