Dairy Beef Feeds


cattle chowDairy Beef Growers and Finishers are designed to be mixed with whole shelled corn to provide necessary protein, vitamins and minerals for optimum growth of growing and finishing dairy beef cattle in a self-fed ration. Vegetable and NPN protein options available.



Features: Benefits
Available as with all-vegetable protein, or with a modest amount of NPN: Including modest levels of NPN to meet protein requirements and maximize animal performance with economical cost of gain
Available with various levels of different approved feed additives: Wide range of options allows diets to be targeted for specific feeding situations, improving feedlot performance
Pelleted: Designed to be used with whole shelled corn


Feeding Directions Description:
Estimate average daily intake of air dry feed (90% dry matter) prior to mixing and feeding so that the desired amount of supplement is consumed.  Do not feed this supplement undiluted or as a top-dress. Please consult feed tag for specific feeding directions.

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