Purina Omega Match AhiFlower Oil Supplement

Omega Match AhiFlower Oil Supplement 1 Gallon ContainerHorses get the omegas they need from pasture. Purina Omega Match AhiFlower Oil Supplement is specially formulated to fill in nutritional gaps for those horses who don’t have regular access to quality forage.

This is a  truly unrivaled omega source. Purina Omega Match AhiFlower Oil contains more and healthier omegas than any other natural plant or seed oil. As a result, it delivers the health
benefits associated with fish oil, evening primrose oil, olive, and flaxseed oil.

Recommended for:
Comprehensive omega fatty acid supplementation to support joint, cardiovascular, skin, respiratory and reproductive health, muscles, immune function, and normal glucose metabolism.

Available in 32 oz and 1 gallon sizes.

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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS per 30 mL Ahiflower® (refined Buglossoides arvensis) seed oil, 27.6g per 30 mL Omega-3 fatty acid 17.30g Alpha-Linolenic acid (n-3) 11.72g Stearidonic acid (n-3) 4.74g Omega-6 fatty acid 4.19g Linoleic acid (n-6) 2.79g Gamma-Linolenic acid (n-6) 1.39g Omega-9 fatty acid 2.79g INACTIVE INGREDIENTS Ascorbyl Palmitate, Mixed Tocopherols and Rosemary Extract


Always follow the instructions on the product label. Administer orally 30 mL Purina Omega Match Ahiflower Oil supplement per day. For horses needing additional support, administer 60-90 mL per day. Store upright after opening. For more details see: Purina Omega Match Ahiflower Product Sheet

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