Stump LikkerStump Likker uses the power of molasses to create an irresistible, nutrient-packed mineral site. The formula reacts with moisture to release sodium and calcium vapors mixed with a sweet molasses aroma. Pour it over rotting stumps or logs for optimum results.

  • Irresistible molasses aroma
  • Maximum effectiveness when poured over rotting stumps or logs
  • Draws deer in and keeps them coming back
  • Establish or maintain active mineral sites quickly and easily
  • Works year-round
  • Incredibly long lasting
  • Leaches deep into any substrate
  • Begins working immediately upon application
  • Ready to use; no mixing required
  • Super dense mineral concentration

Site Selection Tips

  • Select a shaded area near active deer crossings
  • Sandy soils will leach minerals sooner than heavy clay-type soils
  • Allow for a total site diameter of 10 feet
  • Create two sites per 100 acres

Seasonal Activity

Minerals can help pattern deer year-round, but bucks and does consume different amounts seasonally depending on their needs.
Early Spring: Mineral consumption is high due to does carrying fawns and bucks seeking out minerals to grow new antlers.
Spring: Mineral consumption remains high while does nurse fawns and bucks continue antler development.
Summer: Deer consume minerals as needed for improved overall health, including healthy digestion. Bucks reach final antler growth potential during this time.
Fall: During the rut, does consume more minerals and bucks consume fewer. However, rutting bucks will seek out mineral sites in search of does who have visited the site.
Winter: Mineral consumption aids in preparing the herd for the cold months ahead.


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